Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Yellowstone | Part 1

Hey everyone!

Soooo... I've finally been able to sort through the 800+ pictures I took on our Yellowstone trip. As you can imagine, it's taken quite awhile, but I think I'm pretty much done. And of course I'm posting some here, just like I promised. :)

(Also, a side note: These pictures aren't in any true order, as far as when we did certain things, but I'm okay with that. Hopefully you are too. ;) )

~  Part 1  ~

To start things off, unfortunately I didn't take that many pictures before we actually made it to Yellowstone. I do have a few random shots I got on the road though, so we'll start with those.

We stopped in a little town for lunch during our second day of driving, and this cute dog came up to us and watched us eat :) We were in a parking lot near a neighborhood, which is where he came from, so apparently he was just being a bad little dog and wandering away from his home. He was soooo adorable though - I had to get a couple of pictures. ;)

Making lunch -- peanut butter jelly time! hahah
(P.S. - Yeah, Pop is pretty hilarious. :P)

Idaho scenery.

We made it!

Not even twenty minutes into the park, we came across a herd of elk right by the road!

The famous Petrified Tree.

Yes, those are black bears! They were pretty far away, so I couldn't get a good picture, but we were able to look at them through binoculars. There was also a brown bear with them, but you can't see it in the picture. Next time we make a trip like this, I definitely want to have a zoom lens. It's almost a must when there's so much wildlife around.

Upper Falls... 

 Old Faithful!

Me and Josh. :)

Shopping in West Yellowstone...

Sunset at our cabin.

-  -  -  -

I've still got a lot of pictures I want to share, so stay tuned for Part 2! :)


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tumblr Thursday // Vol. 2

Well, it's Thursday, and since it's been *two months* since I posted my first Tumblr Thursday, I thought it was high time I posted another one. I said I was gonna do these every other week, but I obviously didn't really follow through with that. So I'm thinking once a month might be a better idea. That'll be the new plan... at least for now. :P

So here it is -- this week's/month's Tumblr Thursday:

-  -  -  -

A few thoughts about this month's selections:

1. Taylor Swift, why are you making me want bangs again, even though I know they would drive me nuts like they always do? I will not do it. Will. not. Ah, the never ending story of my life. :P

2. I love fall. A whoooole lot.

3. I could probably watch Pride and Prejudice every day. For real. And that scene where Mr. Darcy actually smiles? I die. <3

-  -  -  -

Did you have a favorite from this post? 
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